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ACDA 2010, AKA The Best Thing Ever

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  • Hotel Street Exit   Very different to see this place without remnants of snow and cold weather.   Google Map
  • Walking Down From Hotel   We took this route from the hotel.   Google Map
  • Crossed The Street   The traffic and pedestrians were all retarded. It didn't help that it was insanely cold.   Google Map
  • Passing McCormick & Schmick's Seafood   We never went in, but there were always nicely dressed people walking out.   Google Map
  • Walking Down The Sidewalk   Always slightly concerned that you were going to get mugged.   Google Map
  • Passing Buten Eyewear   Probably looked in the window once, but didn't ever take notice of what it was like inside. Nearing one of the best restaurant experiences of my life.   Google Map
  • Ingredients   I didn't even notice the place until Grandpa suggested it. They were a trendy cafe that sold sandwiches and organic/natural foods. They also made fresh pizzas, which I had along with a Dr. Pepper. I would say it was as good as the Haggenjos' Pizzas.   Google Map
  • Shopping Mall With Ingredients   The building was so open, and looked like it was all being shutdown. Ingredients took up much of the entry way, which was nothing but planted trees, and maybe a disabled fountain?   Google Map
  • Skating Rink and Graeter's (Right)   This place was awesome. We mostly saw it at night, when it was all lit up. There was snow everywhere, and the rink was set up in the courtyard with tall spotlights surrounding it. The outside of the 5/3 Bank lit up at night, it was really cool.   Google Map
  • Walking Toward Graeter's   It was somewhat blocked. You had to walk around planks and other construction. Probably for taking down the rink. They were working to do that all the time we were there.   Google Map
  • Graeter's   I wish I could get a closer shot. This place had the best smell I've ever encountered. We went here a total of 3 times (I think). Each time I got a double waffle cone of Blueberry Pie, a special they were having at the time. I wanted to try something else after the first time, but it was too good to order anything else.   Google Map
  • Graeter's Storefront   Shot coming across from the skate rink. It was so cold while were there, so there were very few customers ever.   Google Map

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