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Places to go in and around Brunswick

Because I love you Stepho, and I'm a control freak and I want to be involved in your life.

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  • Scarlet Begonia's   Scarlet Begonia's is the third of those beige shops, which are on Maine St across from the big ass church just off campus. It is the one with the white sign and those things in the window. Very cute, very unique cuisine (they use a lot of garlic so make sure if you go there on a date your date eats, too!). Fun place.   Google Map
  • The Station   This here is the station. It's a new and pretty small coffee shop. Seating outside! On the left hand side of Maine St.   Google Map
  • Rite Aid   Boring, yes, but good for perscriptions, Chapstick and stuff like that. On the left side of Maine St.   Google Map
  • Frosty's Donuts   Glorious. This is on the left side of Maine St as you head away from Bowdoin. Absolutely, 100 percent worth a trip. You can go early - in the summer they open at 3 30 in the morning! The donuts are SO delicious and the woman who runs the shop is a crazy Jesus freak. You will never even believe what that place looks like on the inside. You have to go. Have to.   Google Map
  • Big Top Deli   See that pointy red and white sign there? That is Big Top Deli. It's on the left side of Maine Street if you are walking away from school. Delicious! You will love it. Also, they sell vanilla coke!   Google Map
  • Sea Dog's Restaurant   Go a bit past Fort Andross and cross the bridge. See that big yellow restaurant over there? Sea Dog's. Great root beer and delicious fries. You just walk over the bridge and take the first right into a big parking lot and shopping center - you'll see it. Too cool. If you're lucky, you can get a seat over facing the river!   Google Map
  • Fort Andross   This pace is coolio. Firstly, there is a crazy flea market in there that you HAVE to go to. Secondly, there is a place in there that has great Thai food. Thirdly, around the back (though you can get to it from the front) is Frontier Cafe, which is one of the coolest places you will ever go. The windows are right on the river, the food is organic and delicious, and they sell all kinds of natural drinks and sodas and stuff. Do it up!!   Google Map
  • Little Dog Cafe   Great place for coffee, tea qnd delicious bagels and breakfast sandwiches. Free Wi-fi, so a great place to get off campus to do some work. If you continue on Maine St after the Tontine Mall you'll reach it. Totally great!   Google Map
  • Tontine Mall   Cheyck 'em - you're in the Tontine Mall! This place is great, just keep following Park Row and you'll see it. Just ahead under that green awning is Bart and Greg's, best DVD rental place ever. Ahead, to the right of that awning, where those yellow umbrellas are, that is Wild Oats Cafe, a great place for coffee, tea or sandwiches. Ahead and to the right of Wild Oats is Evening Star Cinema. it is so excellent - it even has couches! If you don't go there while you are at Bowdoin I will kill you.   Google Map
  • Park Row   Now you are on Park Row, which runs parallel to Maine St. Much less traffic, and it goes right to some great places without ever requiring a street cross!   Google Map
  • Right hand turn   Turn right at that church   Google Map
  • Start   Start right here across the street from Security, just down the road from Maine Hall   Google Map

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