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Grandma B's Ghost tour

This is a tour of locations where my Grandmother had supernatural encounters.


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Street View Index and Google Map Permalinks

  • Grandma's House   Grandma's House on 4th St.   Link  Google Map
  • The Haunted Pillar   The Haunted Pillar in Augusta, Georgia. This Pillar has many myths and legends surrounding it.   Link  Google Map
  • Ezekiel O' Harris House   This is a place my grandmother had a lot of ghost stories to tell me about. A unique structure to say the least.   Link  Google Map
  • Ghost Trees   In the alley behind the fire station, now lined with trees; my grandmother encountered a young female apparition. Not sure which tree anymore, only that it is located nearly in the middle.   Link  Google Map
  • Harrisburg Area   Not sure which house my Grandma lived in along this street, but many stories come from this area. You get a good view of the mill style homes and the age of the area. Truly an overlooked historical and cultural gem in Augusta.   Link  Google Map
  • 1850 Pearl Ave   Obviously the house where she grew up is no longer here. I do find it interesting that it was located so close to the Augusta Canal and Sibley/King Mills.   Link  Google Map

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