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My neighborhood

Capitol Hill, Seattle

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  • Puget Sound   The Puget Sound is that big body of water. See it? Random fact, that row of gray smokestacks is fake. There's a factory over there and, when it went chimney-less, there was apparently a fuss, so they kept those there as decorations.   Google Map
  • 15th Street   15th Street is another one where you can just walk around and find something to do.   Google Map
  • Site of the movies "Singles"   If you've seen Singles, which was an early '90s movie by Cameron Crowe set in this neighborhood, this is the apartment where most of the movie takes place. Randomly, we actually almost moved into that white building next to it.   Google Map
  • Center for Ethical Leadership   This is where it is, though it's just a small office.   Google Map
  • Seattle University law school   This is where I spend most days. At least it's a nice building.   Google Map
  • Bruce Lee's buried here.     Google Map
  • Botanical Garden   This here's an old-style botanical garden down the road from the Asian Art Museum.   Google Map
  • Asian Art Museum, Volunteer Park, view   The Asian Art Museum is always a fun Saturday trip, and is in the middle of a large park not too far from our place. Directly behind you is a very nice view of the Spaceneedle, the Puget Sound, and the mountains behind it, if it were a nicer day. This is too small a picture and it's a cloudy day, though.   Google Map
  • Where the other half lives   I just put this one down in a random street in the rich part of CapHill. There are a lot of old mansions around here.   Google Map
  • The best Thai food I've ever had...   THis place was just updated and now is not quite the hole in the wall it was when this photo was taken. Just added it because it's that good.   Google Map
  • Gay central   Capitol Hill is gay central. I've not seen another church with such a big gay-friendly banner. Kitty-corner to that, if you turn around, is "The gayest gym I've ever belonged to, and I'm from San Francisco," as one guy said. I used to go to that gym before I started law school but have not had time since. Right around here, next to the Starbucks, is a Mexican place we go to quite a bit. If you look straight up (you can click/hold to "grab" the screen and move it) you can see wires for the electric buses. They work well, so long as there isn't a bump that knocks the bus' connection off the wire.   Google Map
  • Broadway   This is maybe the best part of CapHill. We can walk around here with no plans and always have fun. This street is also where a lot of the crazy stuff happens. The most massive protest I've ever seen was on this street. And all of the homeless 'regulars' (you start recognizing faces pretty quick) hang out around this street. Still, CapHill is a lot safer than some of the other neighborhoods around downtown. It's a weird relationship where most of the homeless people are polite and most other people are considerate. I've never been harassed in this part of Seattle, only in other parts.   Google Map
  • Our first apartment here, Eileen Court   This was our first apartment in Seattle. In the photo it is boarded up (notice that no board goes without artwork on it around here), and the entire block has now been torn down. It was a nice place, but we didn't like living on the first floor very much. When we moved from Eileen Court to Belmont Ave, we put a total of less than a mile onto the moving truck--from the place we picked it up, to Eileen Court, to our new place, and back to the rental place!   Google Map
  • Dick's Burgers   Dick's Burgers is an institution in Seattle. This one is right around the corner from our old apartment, and is usually a lot busier than it is in this picture. I hear Bill Gates frequents the Dick's Burgers in another neighborhood about once a week.   Google Map
  • Twice Sold Tales   This is the "fat cat" bookshop. It used to be next door to our old apartment on E John Street, but that entire area has been torn down for a lightrail station that will take the city years to build. I'm not joking though, they have some gigantic cats.   Google Map
  • Hot Mama's Pizza   The best pizza in Seattle, and right around the corner from our place. It follows the Capitol Hill formula of good food for cheap served by tattooed/pierced kids with really loud music playing.   Google Map
  • The Egyptian   This is one of the independent movie theaters in the neighborhood. It's a very old-timey place on the inside (another I wish I could add picture of the inside for).   Google Map
  • Jimi Hendrix and Easy Street Music   Jimi Hendrix is from this area. The statue is sort of odd in that it's at street level. Other musicians from Seattle include the Ventures, the Kingsmen, Modest Mouse, the Presidents of the United States, and Sir Mix-A-Lot, who has a song called "My Posse's on Broadway" (the street we're on). This is another good record store, and a lot bigger than Jive Time.   Google Map
  • Jive Time/Atlas Clothing   Jive Time was where I really started the record collection growing. They have an awesome dollar bin with tons of must-haves. I used to buy something like 10 records every Friday, often enough to get a discount when I went there. It used to be a separate store on Pine, between Travelers and Bauhaus, but now is part of Atlas, a retro clothing store.   Google Map
  • Grocery store   This is where we buys our groceries. I put it on here because it is the turn from Pike to Broadway. Broadway is the best street in CapHill, and you can just turn the map and go down it to see plenty if fun things.   Google Map
  • Victrola Coffee, Six Arms, the art store   The right side of the screen is where I'm pointing. Victrola Coffee is one of the best places for coffee in Seattle. Moving forward maybe six clicks until you are at Melrose and Pike you will see the art store and Six Arms. Six Arms has alright greasy food, but is a great place to hang out, with good music and crazy random decor (wish it had a picture of the inside rather than the outside). At the art store, supplies and canvases are crazy cheap.   Google Map
  • Bauhaus Coffee, Machiavelli Ristorante, nice view (in person anyway)   This is one of the places I spend time at. It's not the best coffee in the neighborhood, but it's a good place to study. This is one of the big hangouts, and is almost always packed. Notice the concert posters on the telephone poles, there is not an inch of the neighborhood that doesn't have graffiti and/or posters, but almost all of the graffiti is artistic so it adds to the place. Turn around (using the wheel in the upper left-hand corner) and you are right in front of one of our favorite restaurants, Machiavelli. If you spin around, you can also see the space needle, which actually looks pretty nice from this view, with the mountains behind it (much better in person)   Google Map
  • Traveler's   Traveler's is a tea and Indian food place that also sells Indian groceries, etc. Nothing too exciting. I put it on here as it's on Pine St., which is part of the Pike/Pine corridor from downtown to Capitol Hill. If you hit the "back" arrow on Summit Avenue twice, you can see some nice artwork.   Google Map
  • Our place on Belmont Avenue   Here's our house. It's split into four apartments with a cabin in back. The house was built around 1902, and is one of two original houses left on the street (the others directly behind you). The best part--storage space! Very hard to find around here. If you look for our car, you'll notice we got a choice spot the day they recorded this.   Google Map

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