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Sam Bass Shootout

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  • Alley   Three out laws tie up horses walk to Kopperal’s store; rangers don’t recognize Bass.   Google Map
  • Highsmith's Livery Stable   Deputy Sheriff Morris Moore thinks that the strangers are carrying guns.   Google Map
  • Alley (Now Jackson Building)   Moore and A.W. Grimes meet up and walk across to Kopperal’s store.   Google Map
  • Kopperal's Store   Moore stays outside. Mean while grimes goes in side to demand if bass and his gang have guns or are armed. when grimes demands that bass and his gang answer ,then they pull out there guns and shoot grimes and dies instantly   Google Map
  • Outside Kopperal's Store   When bass and his gang were escaping, Moore chases them and is then shot in the a chest.   Google Map
  • Street   Texas rangers then went after Bass and his gang and opened fire on them. Round Rock citizens join in the shootout, and Sam was wounded in the hand.   Google Map
  • Barber Shop   then another ranger named dick ware is drawn out by the gunfire and explodes out of the barber , his face still lathered, fires at the fleeing desperados.   Google Map
  • Railroad Telegraph Office   Then also came back a major called John B. Jones returned from the rail road telegraph office and then he fired at Sam Bass and his gang then they shot back but it missed Major John B. Jones and hit the stone wall above his head.   Google Map
  • Alley   Then out of no where, Seaborn Barnes is shot in the head and killed instantly. Rangers Dick Ware and George Harold open fire. Bass later claims Ware was the one who shot him. Bass excapes on horesback to the camp north on the Chisholm Trail, but is captured by Rangers and taken back to Round Rock.   Google Map
  • Wooden Shack   Bass dies the next day without betraying a single member of his game.   Google Map

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